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Rio deserves more?

Rio Ferdinand
Zahavi: Rio deserves more

Rio Ferdinands agent, Pini Zahavi, believes that Rio wants to stay at Manchester United, but that United must make him the highest paid defender in the world, or else Rio will leave United when his current contract expires in two years… This astonishing statement comes a few days after it was revealed that Zahavi AND Rio met Chelsea’s Chief Executive, Peter Kenyon in a posh London restaurant.

First of all: Does Peter Kenyon – who used to hold the same position at United as he does at Chelsea now – think he is above the law? He and Chelsea are already being investigated by the FA about one “tapping-up” scandal, and now he goes and meets with Rio? I guess all that Russian oil/gangster money has gone to his head.

Secondly: Is Zahavi on drugs? How dare he make threats about Rio leaving United! United had Rio’s back when he missed his drugs test, and they paid him for the whole period that Rio was suspended – and it’s not like he was out for a couple of weeks either! He was suspended for 9-10 months, and he probably makes about £75k a week. Yes, that’s right: £75k a week!

Agents really piss me off sometimes! They can not only ruin the romance of football, but sometimes they manage to wreck players careers too, because they get too greedy on a players behalf – or should we say their own behalf? There is a reason agents are called “Mr. Ten Percent”… Rio deserves more? No, Man Utd and all of the fans deserve more, Mr. Zahavi!

Bonus info: My favorite player, Paul Scholes, doesn’t have an agent. He doesn’t need one, he says: He can sign a contract on his own.