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I have a server in my home-office. The server is noisy. I hate noise. I also have two external harddrives connected to the server. The harddrives are noisy. I hate noise. Now I am on a mission to make the server as silent as possible, and that means I will probably have to replace all the fans and possibly the entire cabinet. My external harddrives are a bigger problem – I could sell them and buy others, but it’s just too big a hassle right now.. plus it’s going to be expensive!

Call me lazy – I know I would: For the past year I have had a Shuttle pc in my livingroom, that was supposed to be a mediacenter that could stream all of my music from the server (remember, the noisy one!), stream movies, play/record dvd’s, show my digital pictures, be a harddrive recorder and all that fancy stuff that people in the US uses TiVo for. Why am I lazy? Well, I haven’t even installed the machine yet, and now the hardware is a bit out of date.. I might have to update the tv/graphics card, and I haven’t even used the old one yet!