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Off to Manchester

I will be leaving for Manchester tomorrow afternoon. I haven’t been there for 2½years, which is quite a long time, considering I have family there.

Hopefully my uncle will have gotten us tickets for the match against Newcastle on Sunday, which will be quite entertaining – on my last visit to Manchester we saw a Premier League match against Newcastle, and United ended up winning that 5-3! Not that I have any hopes of a repeat, because the way they are performing at the moment doesn’t exactly give me high expectations.

I don’t know what it is about Manchester that I like so much. The city centre is relatively small, but the atmosphere is great, and I would choose Manchester over London any day! My family (uncle + aunt) lives right outside Stockport, which is located outside Manchester, and the place has a nice country-side-feeling to it. It will be three days of pure relaxation, great food, lots of drinks and good old fashioned “hygge”.

Will be back Monday…