Transferring mp4 files to Windows Phone 7 from Mac after upgrading to iTunes 11

Det følgende indlæg er på engelsk, da jeg har en idé om at der sidder rigtig mange rundt omkring med samme problematik som jeg havde.

The other day I upgraded to iTunes 11 and after I did that, I could no longer sync videofiles (mp4) from my Mac (running Snow Leopard) using the Windows Phone 7 Connector app. Normally the procedure is as follows:

  1. Add the files to the iTunes library
  2. Choose “Movies & TV Shows” in the Windows Phone 7 Connector app
  3. Choose the files you want to sync
  4. Hit “Sync”

After the iTunes upgrade the mp4-files would no longer show up in the Windows Phone 7 Connector app, which makes them really, really hard to select. I did a bit of googling, but either I’m not as good as googling as I think, or else it seems that it just isn’t that common a problem. I tried re-encoding the files using Handbrake, but that didn’t help, so what to do?

I did find a solution, and it’s a strange one, but it seems to work:

  1. Add the files to your iTunes library
  2. Add the files to a playlist
  3. Choose “Music” in the Windows Phone 7 Connector app
  4. Choose the playlist that you added the files to
  5. Hit “Sync”

It did the trick for me, and if you stumbled upon this blog looking for the solution for the same problem, I sure hope it works for you as well 🙂