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Kim “The Italian Stallion” Johannesen

As most of my fellow geeks knows, sitting in front of a computer 8+ hours a day, doesn’t exactly give you a lot of exercise. So I joined forces with one of my colleagues (Gemal) and went to a gym for some boxing – not that I plan on going into the ring and getting knocked out, it’s just that I have always been fascinated with the strict training regime that boxers go through, and I have a feeling that my body could use that kind of exercise.

So how was it? It was tough, is how it was! We did running, push-ups, sit-ups and ofcourse we had to combine some of those exercises with hitting the punching bag. After practice, which lasted 90 minutes, I felt pretty good and I think I might go back and do this on a regular basis.

Apparently boxing comes with a added-on bonus: You will have no problems falling asleep!