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Television: The drug of the nation pt.2

More than a year ago, I described on my blog how television was addictive and how it had affected me. Well, a few days after that admission, my tv was sold and out the door. Instead I took my computer lcd-monitor and installed as a tv, which made the livingroom into a livingroom again, and gone was the days of the tv dominating the room – All of a sudden we had a livingroom where you noticed other things than the giant grey box in the corner.

Now, I need a new tv though. The lcd-monitor has done a great job although it is only 19″, but it makes a wierd noise when it’s turned on, and now that noise has driven me crazy (remember: I hate noise). At first I was certain I was getting a Sony – they always make nice designs, and I own so many other things Sony, that I quite trust the quality of their products. Unfortunately for Sony, they will not be getting my money this time, as they only have pc-inputs on the lcd-tv’s that are 32″ or bigger. And just because I am getting a tv again, doesn’t mean I want to give up my livingroom, so the maximum size of the new tv is set at 23″.

So now I have been studying the market and I have a shortlist of three tv’s:

  1. Samsung LE23R51B
  2. JVC LT-23c50B
  3. Sharp LC-22 AD1

All that is missing is the final decision on which one to pick? Any recommendations? I really want to go to a store and see the tv “in person” – although I will probably end up buying it online – I just haven’t been able to find any of the three in any store in the Central Copenhagen area!

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LG laver nogle ret fornuftige LCD displays, og de fleste har også DVI tilslutning…

Prøv at kigge på et L2323T eller måske LG 23LX1 her eller andre steder på nettet.

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