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En frisk start

Det er nye tider her på kimblim.dk – først og fremmest er jeg nu gået over til modersmålet i min blog, og det skyldes kort og godt at jeg har et ønske om at skrive mere. Når jeg skriver “skrive mere”, mener jeg både oftere og længere indslag, og det er alt andet lige meget nemmere at udtrykke sig på sit modersmål, uanset hvor god man er til andre sprog. Der vil dog fortsat være en hel del links til engelsk-sprogede sider, og jeg vil nok også blive ved med at benytte nogle engelske termer.

Bloggen vil også tage den meget sjove drejning at emnerne ikke længere kun vil være oplevelser og fodbold, men også mere grundliggende tanker og betragtninger om alt muligt. Hvis det er et emne der optager mig kan det risikere at blive sprøjtet ud på siden, og det håber jeg så kan være medvirkende til at folk gider kommentere lidt oftere, så der bliver lidt liv på siden.

En tredje ting der nok risikerer at ændre sig er designet. Jeg overvejer at vælge et af de andre standard designs som Blogger leverer, men jeg har endnu ikke besluttet mig for hvilket det skal være. Jeg kunne naturligvis også godt lave et selv, men jeg orker det sgu næsten ikke. Man kunne også downloade en “uofficiel” template..

MEN! Bare rolig, der skal nok komme masser af posts om fodbold, da det er et af de emner jeg kan snakke meget om – og i laaaaaaaang tid, hvis du spørger min bedre/værre halvdel.

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Back to my old ways..

See, this is exactly why I stopped blogging in the first place! Whenever I am busy I completely forget that I have a blog, so I stop posting to it – even if I did promise you a follow-up to my previous post. Oh well, I guess my two regular readers will forgive me.

Sorry. Sorry. Sorry.

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So Fresh and So Clean

My laptop at home was beginning to run slowly and Windows took forever to boot. I’ve had the computer for a little more than 18 months, and in all that time I haven’t re-installed it one single time, which must be a record for me.

Before re-installing Windows there is always a lot of backing up to do – mainly I wanted to tranfer my emails and contacts, which were now stored in Outlook – on the clean install I didn’t want Microsoft Office installed, so firstly I installed Thunderbird which automatically imported everything from Outlook without a hitch. Sweet. I then downloaded MozBackup which is a small application which allows you to backup your Mozilla profile into a single file, which I then transfered to one of my external harddrives. Because I have a file server and external harddrives at home, all that was left to transfer were all the files under “My Documents”, which took me about 10mins.

With everything backed up, I put the Windows cd into the pc, crossed my fingers and hoped that everything went smooth. It did! This is probably the easiest install of Windows I have ever experienced, and I guess I have done it approximately 50+ times.

With a clean version of Windows, I started installing all the necessary applications: Firefox, Thunderbird, Sunbird, OpenOffice, HTMLkit, Photoshop, Illustrator, Nero, IrfanView, Winamp, BS Player, AdAware SE and Miranda.

The result of the re-install is remarkable: Windows definently boots faster, my applications aren’t running slowly and I even got the WiFi to work, which it didn’t do before. Now I just need to order some more RAM – I am only running on 512mb, which in theory should be enough. It’s not.

I’ve already ordered a USB Bluetooth Device, so I can run FMA and Mobile Master on both my laptops (home and work), which means that my contacts and calendar will be synchronized on both laptops and my K700i phone.

Tomorrow I will write about all the extensions/plugins I use for my applications.

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Originally uploaded by kimblim.

Not exactly the time of year where you want to spend time in front of the computer, which explains the recent lack of updates on the blog.

Don’t know when I will be back, but for now you can just click on the image of the skyscraber and see some pictures from our May trip to New York.

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Yo, We in There

The Blastmaster in Full Effect!
Tonight is going to be a great night! For the first time ever I am going to see KRS-One in concert, and I have been wanting to for years! He hasn’t been to Denmark since 1992, when he performed at the Roskilde Festival, and unfortunately I missed that show. He performed in Århus on monday, and those in attendance said that he still knows how to rock the show! He is bringing the original chief rocker, Busy Bee, as his hypeman and it’s going to be incredible! Hopefully we will be able to get an interview with KRS, but he is a wanted man by the media, so a “small” site like ours doesn’t stand great chances, but it’s not impossible!

Masta Ace is also playing at the show, so it’s definently three legends on stage tonight – Common was originally hired for the show, but Mr. Righteous decided to go for the cash and shoot a commercial in the States instead..

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Player not linked to Man Utd

Per Kroeldrup
Who should be..

I would love to see Danish international Per Krøldrup at United – he might not compete with Rio Ferdinand in the fame-stakes, but he is a skilled defender who is among the top performers in the Italian Seria A, where he currently plays for Udinese. A Danish newspaper has a story about Schalke 04 trying to buy him, and they are talking about a price around £2.5m… That is a bargain! He has previously been on a trial at Arsenal, and he has been consistently linked to Juventus, which in my opinion says a lot about his qualities.

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Park looks United bound

Park Ji-sung
Park Ji-sung
According to one of his agents PSV Eindhoven player Park Ji-sung has decided to join Manchester United. This is great news, especially because former PSV Supremo Frank Arnesen – who has just ditched Tottenham to go to Chelsea – at one point looked to try and get him to join Chelsea. The days when United could compete with Chelsea in the transfer market (financially) are long gone, so if Park really joins United it is a great coup for Sir Alex Ferguson – and a big F**k you to former United executive director Peter Kenyon, who according to Ferguson botched the deals to get Ronaldinho and Robben to United.

In related news, former United keeper Roy Carroll has joined West Ham United, who are now back in the premiership. Good luck to West Ham – with a keeper like Carroll, they are going to need it.

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The Red Devil?

evil evil evil!
Malcolm Glazer is evil. Pure evil.

He has now installed his three sons on the board of Manchester United and one of the consequenses is that all future board meetings will be held in Florida. What a joke.

He has also outlined some of his future plans for the club, and it is no surprise to see, that he plans to raise ticket prices and limit spending on new players. The club will also have to travel to Florida once a year to participate in a match against another team – hopefully not the Buccaneers, but I guess even Glazer can not be that stupid, that he thinks football is football 😉

Now that we are talking player transfers, it seems as if Park could be joining United, which I see as a good thing – and I am talking about his footballing abilities, not the marketing options this might present in Asia.

Another football story today: Liverpool get to defend their Champions League trophy. What a joke. They didn’t qualify for the spot, but UEFA decided that the holders should be allowed to play in the tournament anyways. I guess rules are rules – until it doesn’t suit someone who holds money as their main objective.

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United sign new keeper

Finally Van Der Sar joins United
..and it disappoints me immensely! Don’t get me wrong, Van Der Sar is a great keeper, but he is past his prime and will only last another year or two – United were trying to sign him in 1999, when Schmeichel left, but Van Der Sar chose to join Juventus back then. Well, now we got him.
My choice for the post would have been Swedish international Andreas Isaksson who is currently at Rennes. He is young and very similar to Chelsea’s Petr Cech, who is probably the best keeper in the world right now.
The only logical reason for this transfer is that Sir Alex Ferguson still believes that Tim Howard can be good enough, but needs a few years under the wing of an accomplished keeper, which is exactly what Var Der Sar can bring.

Also in the news today, United are chasing Real Zaragoza striker David Villa, whom I know absolutely nothing about. I must admit that chasing a striker at a time when the midfield could use some coverage seems pretty strange to me – also because there are more than enough strikers at United: Saha, Rooney, Smith, Nistelrooy and The O.G. Also, Rossi is one of the hottest young prospects out there, so why on earth move for a striker, unless some of them are on their way out??? Saha is the one most likely to go, and unfortunately the club could see Ole Gunnar as being past is, so he could move on also. There have been rumours about Nistelrooy going to Madrid and Michael Owen going the other way, but I think Madrid would have to pay some cash on top of that, and the deal is unlikely to go through.

The top midfield choice, Lyon’s Essien, is on his way to – who else – Chelsea, so who else to go for? There have been talks about Essien’s midfield partner at Lyon, Juninho, but I am not sure he would fit into United.

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Episode III – Revenge of the Sith

Tonight I am going to watch the new Star Wars movie “Episode III – Revenge of the Sith“.. again. Yes, again. I left it out in my previous post, but we went and saw it when we were in the states, and let me just tell you about that experience:
We booked tickets and went to the movie theatre early (in the States the seats are not assigned with rows and numbers) to get good seats. After all, we are talking about one of the most anticipated movies in the history of cinema, and it had just premiered a few days earlier. We got in, got good seats and began waiting. To my big surprise the cinema was far from full, but once the movie started, people started coming, so the first 5-10 minutes there were people in the aisles talking and scrambling to get the best seats left. Very annoying! Also, I guess about 60% of all the people in there left at one time or another to go the toilet. I guess they couldn’t do that beforehand, but what was really wierd, was that the kid in front of Louise went twice! He was about 15 years old and he is already having bladder problems – sad..

Anyways, the movie is great, so great that I don’t mind seeing it twice in the cinema, and it is far better than the two other prequels, but I guess that’s not saying much. I actually found myself wanting Anakin to die, although everyone knows that he survives to become Darth Vader.

May the force be with you! (It is definently with Orange in this brilliant ad!)