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An experience with “high culture”
Anybody who knows me will surely tell you, that I am not into “high culture”. Actually, I will tell anyone willing to listen just how much musicals suck. How much you ask? Big time! Anyways, I haven’t been to a play for I don’t know how many years, it was probably while I was in school and got forced into going, that I last attended an actual play of some sorts.

Yesterday I went to see a play. And I didn’t get forced into doing it. No, I actually did it voluntarily – I even ordered the tickets myself! So why this change? I don’t know, really. Anyways, Louise and I went to Mungo Park and saw “Forstad“, which is a play about three teenagers struggling with life in a small suburb. One of the actors was Jonatan Spang, whom I have only known as a stand-up comedian, but I was quite impressed with his acting skills.

When you haven’t been to a play for years, how do you choose which one to go to? What I did was the following: read a mention of the play in a blog, read about the play on the theatre’s website, order tickets. It’s that simple.

All said and done, I really enjoyed the experience, especially because the whole atmosphere about the theatre-experience was so relaxed, and the feeling of “high culture” was totally absent. I’m going again sometime soon 🙂

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Back from Manchester

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Ok, arrived back from Manchester late Monday night, but I haven’t had the time to blog until now.

The weekend was fantastic! Arrived at my uncle and aunt’s house Friday night, had something to eat and went straight into “hygge”-mode. If you don’t know what “hygge” means, don’t bother looking it up, no translation does the word justice! It basically means relaxing, eating, drinking, chatting and hanging out – and that’s only half of it, but I can’t find the right words to describe it.

On Saturday we started off with a long walk, ended up in the pub for lunch (fish and chips, what else?), went back home to relax before going out to dinner. Around 7 we took the train to Central Manchester, went for dinner at Stock, which is a restaurant based in the old Manchester Stock Exchange. The food was brilliant and from what I was told (I didn’t have any) the wine equally so.

On Sunday we enjoyed lunch in the garden, played garden bowls(?) and Louise and I went to Old Trafford to see Man Utd take on Newcastle. It was a close game, but Man Utd eventually ended up winning 2-1 – Wayne Rooney scored an absolute screamer, probably a candidate for goal of the year. On Sunday night we had a fabolous home-cooked dinner and ended up doing more “hygge”.

Monday was spent shopping and browsing in Manchester before going to the airport.

We will be back soon!

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Off to Manchester

I will be leaving for Manchester tomorrow afternoon. I haven’t been there for 2½years, which is quite a long time, considering I have family there.

Hopefully my uncle will have gotten us tickets for the match against Newcastle on Sunday, which will be quite entertaining – on my last visit to Manchester we saw a Premier League match against Newcastle, and United ended up winning that 5-3! Not that I have any hopes of a repeat, because the way they are performing at the moment doesn’t exactly give me high expectations.

I don’t know what it is about Manchester that I like so much. The city centre is relatively small, but the atmosphere is great, and I would choose Manchester over London any day! My family (uncle + aunt) lives right outside Stockport, which is located outside Manchester, and the place has a nice country-side-feeling to it. It will be three days of pure relaxation, great food, lots of drinks and good old fashioned “hygge”.

Will be back Monday…

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Rio deserves more?

Rio Ferdinand
Zahavi: Rio deserves more

Rio Ferdinands agent, Pini Zahavi, believes that Rio wants to stay at Manchester United, but that United must make him the highest paid defender in the world, or else Rio will leave United when his current contract expires in two years… This astonishing statement comes a few days after it was revealed that Zahavi AND Rio met Chelsea’s Chief Executive, Peter Kenyon in a posh London restaurant.

First of all: Does Peter Kenyon – who used to hold the same position at United as he does at Chelsea now – think he is above the law? He and Chelsea are already being investigated by the FA about one “tapping-up” scandal, and now he goes and meets with Rio? I guess all that Russian oil/gangster money has gone to his head.

Secondly: Is Zahavi on drugs? How dare he make threats about Rio leaving United! United had Rio’s back when he missed his drugs test, and they paid him for the whole period that Rio was suspended – and it’s not like he was out for a couple of weeks either! He was suspended for 9-10 months, and he probably makes about £75k a week. Yes, that’s right: £75k a week!

Agents really piss me off sometimes! They can not only ruin the romance of football, but sometimes they manage to wreck players careers too, because they get too greedy on a players behalf – or should we say their own behalf? There is a reason agents are called “Mr. Ten Percent”… Rio deserves more? No, Man Utd and all of the fans deserve more, Mr. Zahavi!

Bonus info: My favorite player, Paul Scholes, doesn’t have an agent. He doesn’t need one, he says: He can sign a contract on his own.

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I have a server in my home-office. The server is noisy. I hate noise. I also have two external harddrives connected to the server. The harddrives are noisy. I hate noise. Now I am on a mission to make the server as silent as possible, and that means I will probably have to replace all the fans and possibly the entire cabinet. My external harddrives are a bigger problem – I could sell them and buy others, but it’s just too big a hassle right now.. plus it’s going to be expensive!

Call me lazy – I know I would: For the past year I have had a Shuttle pc in my livingroom, that was supposed to be a mediacenter that could stream all of my music from the server (remember, the noisy one!), stream movies, play/record dvd’s, show my digital pictures, be a harddrive recorder and all that fancy stuff that people in the US uses TiVo for. Why am I lazy? Well, I haven’t even installed the machine yet, and now the hardware is a bit out of date.. I might have to update the tv/graphics card, and I haven’t even used the old one yet!

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And five months later…

Man Utd 4 – Newcastle 1
Another year, another FA Cup Final… Today Man Utd beat Newcastle by four goals to one to qualify for the FA Cup Final for the second year running. United have won the tournament a record 11 times, and in the final they will meet arch-rivals Arsenal. The best part about the game today was that Ruud scored two goals – his first goals for United for five months!

AGF 1 – FCK 2
FCK kept the pressure on league leaders Brøndby by beating AGF in a match that saw the home team score with the hand of striker Morten Rasmussen. I saw the match on tv and instantly shouted “He scored with his hand” – everybody could see it, except for the referee, who after the game admitted it was a mistake and that he should have shown the striker the yellow card for the offense. FCK had already scored twice though, Alvaro Santos and Hjalte Nørregaard providing the goals that made sure FCK is still in the championship race.

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Ok, so whoever has been paying attention will have noticed a few minor changes on the site in the last few days.. Anyone? No? Come on, someone must have noticed it? No one at all? Ok, I give up..

First of all, there is now a “Blogger”-bar at the top of the page with an integrated search – the bar serves two purposes:

  1. First of all it allows the users of the site to search for content – clever, eh? Now that the blog only has a few entries the search-function is a bit overkill, but hopefully in a few months time, it will prove itself useful. Actually it can already search in the old archives from the pre-blogger days, so give it a go!
  2. Secondly, it has the “next blog”-button, which is a great tool for surfing the web. Clicking on the button will take you to a random blog, and who knows, maybe you will find something worth while on that blog? I know that if I have a few minutes to spare, I like hitting that button, just to see where it takes me.

I have also integrated a Google-ad in the right column. Why? I don’t know, really. All I know is that if you click on the ad, I will get some small amount from Google, so do go ahead and click it.. I don’t think I will ever make a fortune from this site, but it would be cool if the ads started paying for the hosting of the site.

    That’s it for now… Now go click the damn ad 😉

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    Just not good enough!

    waste of money
    £30m out the window

    I can’t believe it – Man Utd just lost 2-0 to Norwich. Yes, that’s right, Norwich. United started off with a lot of possesion but rarely threatened Robert Green in the Norwich goal, and in the second half they were punished for their lack of effectiveness. I guess Sir Alex Ferguson was asking for a defeat when he fielded a weakened team – what Kleberson was doing on the pitch just baffles me!

    Wayne Rooney – who all of England believe is the next big thing in football – transfered to United at the start of this season at the outrageous price of £30 million. Every now and then he lives up to the hype that follows him, but today was the kind of game he has had way too many of considering the price tag. I think he gave the ball away on at least 10 occasions, and I am sure Sir Alex Ferguson will have words with the teenager. In my honest opinion the £30 million should have been spent on someone else – maybe United should have splashed them out the season before, when they had the chance to get Ronaldinho? Now the transfer kitty is all but spent, and this summer will see no big names transferring to Old Trafford, unless they can be picked up on free transfers – meanwhile I hope a few players will be departing, with Kleberson the first person out the door.

    To compete next season United must get a competitive midfielder of the Roy Keane-mould, and some papers claim that the one person Sir Alex really wants, Steven Gerrard of Liverpool, could be going to Chelsea in the summer. Too bad. What I really want is that United use some players who will be proud to put on the red shirt and fight for their place in the team. If only we could have 11 Ole Gunnar Solskjaers or 11 Gary Nevilles.

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    Kim “The Italian Stallion” Johannesen

    As most of my fellow geeks knows, sitting in front of a computer 8+ hours a day, doesn’t exactly give you a lot of exercise. So I joined forces with one of my colleagues (Gemal) and went to a gym for some boxing – not that I plan on going into the ring and getting knocked out, it’s just that I have always been fascinated with the strict training regime that boxers go through, and I have a feeling that my body could use that kind of exercise.

    So how was it? It was tough, is how it was! We did running, push-ups, sit-ups and ofcourse we had to combine some of those exercises with hitting the punching bag. After practice, which lasted 90 minutes, I felt pretty good and I think I might go back and do this on a regular basis.

    Apparently boxing comes with a added-on bonus: You will have no problems falling asleep!

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    The Big Gmail Give-away

    Ok, so you heard about gmail, but still haven’t got one? Well, I got 50 invitations, so just write a comment and include your current email-address and I will make sure you get an invite to use gmail.

    Oh, you didn’t hear about gmail? My bad, I apologise. Gmail is a free alternative to hotmail, yahoo-mail or whatever is outthere, and I bet it’s better than what you are currently using! For starters you have 2 gigabytes of storage so you will never have to delete a mail again!
    Secondly, the user-interface rocks – built completely with Ajax.