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Hvornår lærer de det?

Nu roste jeg jo SAS igår, da de var så venlige at “bumpe” mig til et tidligere fly på min vej hjem fra England, men jeg er også nødt til at give dem en lille røffel! Jeg modtog nemlig en email fra selskabet, hvor de meget stolte gjorde mig opmærksom på at de nu havde forbedret deres online-booking, og det måtte jeg naturligvis tjekke ud.

Jeg har ofte brugt deres online-booking, og har altid fundet det meget irriterende at man ikke kunne bruge Firefox, så det var naturligvis en af de ting, man kunne forvente at de havde rettet. WRONG! Faktisk fik man før i tiden en pæn lille boks der advarede en om at siden ikke understøttede brugen af Firefox, og at de anbefalede Internet Explorer, nu får man dette:

skærmbillede fra sas.dk
(klik på billedet for at se hele skærmbilledet)

Er det fremskridt? Ikke rigtig, vel!

Helt ærligt! Firefox er ifølge thecounter.com nu hele 8%’s foretrukne browser, og selvom det naturligvis ikke lyder af særlig meget, så kan man jo tænke på at SAS i juli havde 648.000 passagerer – nu ved jeg selvfølgelig ikke hvor mange af disse der booker deres billet online, men lad os være konservative/forsigtige og gætte på 15% = 97.200 passagerer. Hvis 8% af disse er kommet ind på siden med en Firefox browser, så er det 7.776 skuffede mennesker, hvilket helt sikkert er dårlig forretning!

Jeg ved ikke hvem der har lavet websitet, men det er en imponerende bedrift at få et site til at se så dårligt ud, når man tænker på at der stadig er brugt tables!!!

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Rio deserves more?

Rio Ferdinand
Zahavi: Rio deserves more

Rio Ferdinands agent, Pini Zahavi, believes that Rio wants to stay at Manchester United, but that United must make him the highest paid defender in the world, or else Rio will leave United when his current contract expires in two years… This astonishing statement comes a few days after it was revealed that Zahavi AND Rio met Chelsea’s Chief Executive, Peter Kenyon in a posh London restaurant.

First of all: Does Peter Kenyon – who used to hold the same position at United as he does at Chelsea now – think he is above the law? He and Chelsea are already being investigated by the FA about one “tapping-up” scandal, and now he goes and meets with Rio? I guess all that Russian oil/gangster money has gone to his head.

Secondly: Is Zahavi on drugs? How dare he make threats about Rio leaving United! United had Rio’s back when he missed his drugs test, and they paid him for the whole period that Rio was suspended – and it’s not like he was out for a couple of weeks either! He was suspended for 9-10 months, and he probably makes about £75k a week. Yes, that’s right: £75k a week!

Agents really piss me off sometimes! They can not only ruin the romance of football, but sometimes they manage to wreck players careers too, because they get too greedy on a players behalf – or should we say their own behalf? There is a reason agents are called “Mr. Ten Percent”… Rio deserves more? No, Man Utd and all of the fans deserve more, Mr. Zahavi!

Bonus info: My favorite player, Paul Scholes, doesn’t have an agent. He doesn’t need one, he says: He can sign a contract on his own.

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Just not good enough!

waste of money
£30m out the window

I can’t believe it – Man Utd just lost 2-0 to Norwich. Yes, that’s right, Norwich. United started off with a lot of possesion but rarely threatened Robert Green in the Norwich goal, and in the second half they were punished for their lack of effectiveness. I guess Sir Alex Ferguson was asking for a defeat when he fielded a weakened team – what Kleberson was doing on the pitch just baffles me!

Wayne Rooney – who all of England believe is the next big thing in football – transfered to United at the start of this season at the outrageous price of £30 million. Every now and then he lives up to the hype that follows him, but today was the kind of game he has had way too many of considering the price tag. I think he gave the ball away on at least 10 occasions, and I am sure Sir Alex Ferguson will have words with the teenager. In my honest opinion the £30 million should have been spent on someone else – maybe United should have splashed them out the season before, when they had the chance to get Ronaldinho? Now the transfer kitty is all but spent, and this summer will see no big names transferring to Old Trafford, unless they can be picked up on free transfers – meanwhile I hope a few players will be departing, with Kleberson the first person out the door.

To compete next season United must get a competitive midfielder of the Roy Keane-mould, and some papers claim that the one person Sir Alex really wants, Steven Gerrard of Liverpool, could be going to Chelsea in the summer. Too bad. What I really want is that United use some players who will be proud to put on the red shirt and fight for their place in the team. If only we could have 11 Ole Gunnar Solskjaers or 11 Gary Nevilles.