Chrome bug?

Update: This bug has been fixed in the latest version of Chrome (v11).

I stumbled upon this recently while creating a breadcrumb using the <dl> element. I needed the first <dd> after the <dt> to have a negative margin, but for some reason the negative margin got applied to all the <dd>'s in Chrome.

In the following example the first <dd> should be red while the others should be green.


  1. <dl>
  2. <dt>Definition Term</dt>
  3. <dd>Definition Data 01</dd>
  4. <dd>Definition Data 02</dd>
  5. <dd>Definition Data 03</dd>
  6. <dd>Definition Data 04</dd>
  7. <dd>Definition Data 05</dd>
  8. <dd>Definition Data 06</dd>
  9. <dd>Definition Data 07</dd>
  10. <dd>Definition Data 08</dd>
  11. </dl>


  1. dt{color:blue}
  2. dd{color:green}
  3. dt + dd{color:red}


Definition Term
Definition Data 01
Definition Data 02
Definition Data 03
Definition Data 04
Definition Data 05
Definition Data 06
Definition Data 07
Definition Data 08