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kimBlim.dk is my personal web-home. This is where I write short or long comments about things that interest me or catches my attention. Hopefully most of you will read my blog and have a think about it.

This is version 3 of www.kimblim.dk, the first version hit the net in the spring of 2000 (yes, I know I am a newbie..), only to be taken offline about 6 months later, when I felt it had run its course - it was after all only a small online portfolio, and I had a job... Version 2 only made it as far as Photoshop, where I kept going back to the drawingboard, because I wanted something visually stunning, I kept trying to outdo k10K and other cool design "portals", but in the end I gave up...
Version 3 started about 1 year ago as an idea for a personal blog along the lines of Jeffrey, Cameron and in more humble surroundings Hilda. Nevertheless, I just gave up on having an online presence for some time, until I knew what I wanted. Well, technologies inspired me to this, the present www.kimblim.dk, so I kept the design simple but useful..

Personal Stuff
I work as an interface developer/designer for Jubii, which is Denmarks biggest internet portal - it is owned by Lycos.
In my spare-time I watch as much football as possible: FCK, whose homegames I watch live as I have a season ticket. Manchester United, whom I have been following since 1985, because my favorite player was Jesper Olsen. I have been lucky enough to watch Man Utd live on several occasions, one of the highlights was watching them against arch-rivals Leeds United in December 1996, with Eric Cantona scoring the only goal on a penalty.

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Techical Specifications:
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  • Horsepower: hp
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Cars, cars, cars.. What can I say? I never thought I would be interested in cars, but when I got my drivers license at age 24...

So I tried a few cars, my friends cars, my dads car and just about every other car I liked... but it just wasn't enough for me, I wanted more cars, more cars and more cars!

I currently own a Peugeot 106 Rallye, which is a nice little car, with a relatively big engine, and it does the job.. But if I could afford any car in the world, I would probably buy the Maserati 3200GT, which is simply breathtaking! Another nice car in a totally different category is the Lincoln Navigator

That's when me and my friend, Matias, got an idea.. We could just go and pretend that we wanted to buy a car, and take it for a test drive! Now this may sound a bit silly, but please remember that in Denmark cars have an additional 180% luxury tax on them, making them expensive as hell, which means I won't be able to afford a new super cool one for a loooong time - if ever!

All the images in the car section is taken with the Sony DSC-S85 digital camera, which has a 4.1MegaPixel resolution. The pictures might be a bit big, so I apologise for the download time, but hey - it wouldn't be the same without them!

Choose a car from the list: